How is AptApply different from the competition, ie. OneSite?

AptApply can be integrated directly into your company website so the application process becomes more immediate and accessible to prospective tenants. It is a more adaptable system that will be able to span multiple industries for continuity and ease of access.

Our business is built on personal relationships and having applicants call us so why should we take applications online?

AptApply doesn’t detract from your personal relationships, it enhances it by making the application process faster, more direct and easier to manage. Agents and applicants can submit an application directly from their phone or tablet so a trip to the “management office” is no longer necessary.

How will AptApply save my company time and money?

By providing a total solution for your company to obtain and process applicant information securely and efficiently. AptApply reduces your fees on credit checks and stores all information in an organized and secure fashion.

What information will the applicant provide?

AptApply will take their basic personal information, current and past addresses plus information required for evaluation, background check, and optional online credit check via TransUnion

Is AptApply customizable?

Yes, AptApply can be customized to meet your unique requirements

What is the cost of AptApply? What packages do you offer?

AptApply charges a small one-time configuration fee plus a small monthly license. If monthly applications exceed the amount of the license, we eliminate it. AptApply charges only $20 for every online application and $5 for every digitally signed document.

Do I have to sign a contract with AptApply?

AptApply does not require a contract. You can work with us on a month-to-month or on a longer term contract basis to provide savings on transaction costs.

How would the payment be processed (for the applicant and broker)?

AptApply processes all transactions and remits all payments to your account in real-time

How do we integrate AptApply with our platform? 

We would connect AptApply to your listings database and create individual applications for each property. When a prospective tenant clicks on a property their application would open in a separate window accessible directly from your website. We handle everything.

How can I sign up for AptApply?

To get started give us a call at (212) 960-8730 or email us at info@

Is the application process completely digital? 

Yes AptApply is completely digital. It’s faster, easier to manage and less expensive than managing paper applications. We also provide Salesforce integration.