Process user information, perform credit and background checks, capture and save data securely, manage from a central hub



The Application Process

  1. Applicant selects specific property they are interested in
  2. Applicant agrees to Terms of Service
  3. Applicant Provides Required Information
    • Personal Information
    • Current Address
    • Additional Information
    • Previous Address (if less than 2 years at current location)
  4. Applicant opts in/out to credit check
    • If user chooses a Trans Union credit check, new form fields appear with fee added in addition to application fee
  5. Payment processed
    • AptApply authorizes and captures payment through both PayPal and credit card
    • Submitting payment and application includes digital signature, security and encryption
  6. Confirmation/receipt sent to applicant
  7. Application sent to client’s AptApply admin area and credited to their account


  • Email notifications sent to required parties at client company
  • AptApply keeps track of all payments collected for both applications and credit checks, allocating revenue appropriately
  • AptApply accounts for revenue generated/due for both commission-based and submission-based models
  • Keep count of submissions for each broker
  • All submissions aggregated and stored
  • Provide analytics and reports
  • User accounts include history of application submission